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If you are looking for a list of the tallest, oldest, largest casinos in the world and other similar records, you have come to the right place. Below, we’re featuring the ten casinos that each stand out for their own reason after having set a world record. You can always visit them to play and have fun unless you prefer to play online casino from the comfort of your home.

The largest river boat casino

The floating casino, “The Glory of Rome” is owned by Ceasars Entertainment and operated on the Mississippi River from 1998 to 2019. It had a total area of ​​over 7,000 square meters and could accommodate 4,400 people. There are many casinos on riverboats, but this was the largest that ever operated.

The largest casino in the world

Venetian Macau Casino was based on the Venetian design in Las Vegas. The creators of Venetian Macau, however, had much more available space to build the casino. They made it so big that it’s now the casino with the world record of the most extensive total area. The casino premises cover 980,000 square meters, including any casino game players may request.

The smallest casino in the world

Defining the smallest casino in the world is difficult, as one can argue that a small shop with two slots is also a casino. But what we looked at as a key element is that they have an exclusive casino license, and the winner in this category is a casino with just six tables and a handful of slots. It’s called, “Slot A ‘Fun” and it’s located in San Diego, USA. It has a legal casino license, and with only 56 square meters of total area. It wins the title of the smallest casino in the world.

The tallest casino in the world

Its construction has not yet been completed, with the inauguration scheduled for 2022. “The Drew Las Vegas” will have 63 floors that’ll reach a height of 224 meters. The project started in 2007 but was stopped two years later due to the bankruptcy of the parent company. The unfinished project sold for $600 million in 2018, and the new owners are continuing construction, which will include 2,871 rooms, nightclubs, restaurants, meeting rooms, and many more facilities and services. The casino will cover a total area of ​​8,800 square meters. The tallest casino in the world, The Drew Las Vegas, is expected to be completed in 2022.

The oldest casino in the world

The unique Casino di Venezia holds that record, which opened its doors to the public nearly 400 years ago, in 1638. The building that now houses the Casino di Venezia is coincidentally the building that the composer Richard Wagner breathed his last. The interior is modernized to the standards of the biggest casinos today and does not resemble anything from past decades or … centuries. Τhis is a casino you must visit when you decide to visit Italy.

The most expensive casino

Casino Baden-Baden in Germany is not only the most expensive and exclusive casino in the world, but it’s also one of the oldest. Built in 1820, it closed its doors due to legislation in 1872 and reopened in 1933. It ceased operations after the end of World War II in 1944 and reopened in 1950. “Kurhaus Baden-Baden,” as it is called in German, is not for everyone. To enter, one must have received an invitation, and if you decide to go, you must have a lot of money on you. The minimum bet is five hundred euros, while there’s no maximum bet limit. That gives a James Bond aura to its atmosphere as it’s a casino for the few.

The casino with the highest construction cost

It is called CityCenter, it is located in Las Vegas, and its construction in 2009 cost $9 billion. It holds the record for the highest construction cost to date. The initial design was made in 2004 and cost an estimated $4 billion. This number increased with changes in plans and increased construction costs, reaching the record that will hardly be broken.

The biggest blackjack game

For those of us who are beginning to have difficulty seeing at close range, we might appreciate the effort of Viejas Casino & Resort in Alpine, California, to break the world record for the largest blackjack in history. The casino holds an annual event starring the largest casino chips, the largest deck, and the largest blackjack table in the world, thus setting the world record for the largest blackjack game.

The casino with the most slots

Slot machine fans admire Oklahoma WinStar World Casino and Resort, which holds the world record for most slots. WinStar World Casino has 7,400 slots, divided into 134 rooms. They managed to maintain their good reputation even though in 2018, fourteen people were injured in a Backstreet Boys concert when the stage collapsed. The company stated that about 150 spectators didn’t leave the area and when the storm hit with winds that reached speeds of 113-128 km/h, the entrance beams collapsed and fell on the stage, causing injuries.

The casino with the most board games

Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has every board game in the world, from blackjack, baccarat, and poker tables, to pai gow, big 6, and other lesser-known games. The total number of Aria tables exceeds 500 and is the largest in the world. In order to keep up with the new marketing tools these casinos need to hire the best seo consultancy agency to help them maintain their reputation and get more customers because these days you need to have a strong online presence not just world records.

Story by Rania Syno


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